Now to Lead When the Honeymoon’s Over

Barack Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States amid much emotion hope and optimism. If one compares his famous acceptance speech on Election Day with the speech he made on Inauguration Day, the contrast is striking and relevant to all of us who lead change. His “Yes We Can” campaign stirred, inspired and seduced his people and for … Read More

Demanding justice or playing the system?

A young muslim woman in the UK has just been awarded $6000 for being told she had to wear a figure hugging dress to wait in an English bar over summer when the men were not asked to change their uniforms for summer and were able to dress modestly in dark clothes. It was determined the insistence that the women … Read More

People with a Profile – Do we expect too much?

Rashida Dati is the first senior government official appointed in France of North African descent. Dati has attracted considerable attention having just returned to work as French Justice Minister only 5 days after giving birth to her child and being openly single. Feminists in France have slammed her as a poor role model whom they have allege has sold out … Read More