Why Choose Brash Consulting?

Brash Consulting is a boutique organisational psychology consulting practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1996 by its principal Leanne Faraday-Brash, the organisation has gone on to become a highly respected provider of informed and elegant workplace solutions with a prestigious client list both here and overseas. We work with individuals, teams and organisations.

We work with the dysfunctional and toxic through to the high performing, even elite and everything in between. We consult extensively to government as well as the corporate, manufacturing and higher education sectors. Brash Consulting has extensive experience in the disciplines of organisational psychology, organisational development and workplace justice.

What We Do

Brash Consulting specialises in:

  • Organisational Development Consulting
  • Executive & Group coaching
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Diversity, EEO, Workplace Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination
  • Strategic Influence
  • Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills Development
  • Investigation & Mediation services
  • Culture & Change
  • Wellbeing, Workplace Stress & Resilience
  • Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

Why We Do It

By advising, provoking, training, supporting and coaching our clients, we:

  • Improve culture, engagement and psychological safety which are necessary pre-conditions to innovation, the new competitive advantage
  • Identify factors that perpetuate resistance to change, workplace pessimism and cynicism and get employees ‘unstuck’ in order to realise the intent of well-conceived change
  • Work with individual staff to develop their emotional intelligence, self-leadership and resilience so they can enjoy more balanced, healthier lives and relationships including those outside work
  • Develop leaders and managers who, in turn, inspire ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things
  • Identify and tackle bad behaviour including bullying at work, unlawful discrimination, underperformance, unfair treatment, disregard for organisational values, and relationship breakdowns that compromise morale, reputation and productivity. In turn, this serves to reduce grievance activity, litigation, workplace stress, the need for mediation and conflict resolution, absenteeism, risk to brand and the flight risk of talented staff in an era of skills shortage.

Our Values, Our Signature

Brash Consulting has built its reputation on honesty, ethics, excellence, responsiveness, an unswerving determination to create true value and a strong partnership focus with our clients.

With a rich background in organisational development, our solutions are always aligned with your strategic goals. For us this is as natural as breathing.

We are committed to doing work that really makes a tangible difference to people’s quality of (work and home) life.

Our values and therefore our signature can be summarised as Professionalism, Passion, Partnership and Peacebuilding. To learn more about our ethos, read our Brash Consulting manifesto.

Our Associates

We utilise the expertise of a small group of handpicked associates in the provision of training and coaching (mostly around productivity and self-leadership) to complement the work performed by Leanne.

This enables us to facilitate with deep and broad expertise and run large scale rollouts and events e.g. search conferences and large team events.